Franklin Aerospace

Exceeding Customer Expectations...

The Journey to Begin

We are excited that after several years of brainstorming and planning our business launch is right around the corner. Over the last 3 weeks we have been unloading and installing shelving in our company warehouse. As the inventory comes out of the crates and onto the shelves we are getting an accurate inventory for our computer records. Just last week we installed phones, computers, servers and routers as we prepare to open for business.

Our mission can be summarized by "excellence in all things as we seek always to exceed customer expectations." Of course those kinds of slogans are easy to write and say but not always easy to behave. So we are committed to surround our business with the best people and products as we move forward. The Franklin airplane engine is of the highest quality and therefore we are seeking that same level of service to you our customers.

It is our hope that as things fall into place we will actually be operational on May 20. Please continue to follow our website here to get the latest information.
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